Get a digital copy of Kim Imber’s latest album, “JUST A MOMENT’S SANITY” for $10.00

Order “JUST A MOMENT’S SANITY” now because as one fan said “This world needs a little more Sanity.”

1. Come Dance With Me
2. Mary May
3. When The Morning Comes
4. Paint My Picture
5. Here Come The Pokies
6. Tonight
7. Love Never changes
8. The Messenger
9. Holy Night
10. Just A moment’s Sanity

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As a poet and songwriter Imber has written a plethora of songs about many different subjects. These range from the political, the philosophical, the environmental, the witty and the ballad to just good old rock and roll. One thing that stands out about Imber’s songs is that they all have depth and meaning in the lyrics. If you are a fan of songwriters like Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Jack Johnson or Bruce Springsteen, throw in a bit of 60’s punk from The Clash and you will LOVE Imber’s songs.

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