The Arrow Flies

Get a digital copy of Kim Imber’s 2nd recording efforts.

It’s a 4 track EP with that full band sound and costs $10.00

Order “The Arrow Flies” now because as one fan said “Those songs are amazing!”

1. I Still Love You
2. Why Don’t You Come In
3. Mystery Train
4. There’s An Angel

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This is Kim Imber’s 2nd recording effort. There are 4 tracks. It was recorded in Maleny, Qld by the very talented Herrin Larkin. At the time Imber was busking on the streets in Noosa and playing small gigs. “I wrote quite a few songs whilst living in this area and decided to get these 4 songs recorded with some of the musicians whom I had met. I thought a band sound would help to bring the songs to life”.

For more information on the songs and the story behind this album please click the link, “Story Behind The Songs”.

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