The Arrow Is Drawn

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1. Come What May What May
2. Gun
3. Beats Dreaming
4. Butterfly
5. Little Birdie
6. Grains Of Freedom
7. Who Speaks For The People
8. Sweet Lady
9. No Earth

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This is Kim Imber’s first album. Recorded in 1996 with the amazing Rik Cole whilst he was busking on the streets of Byron Bay, this is part of the series of songs that keeps Imber writing and performing today. These songs are a poetic and powerful yet tender representation of the early songs of a songwriter believing in his dreams. These range from the political, the philosophical, the environmental, the witty and the ballad. They all have depth and meaning in their lyrics. If you are a fan of songwriters like Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Tom Petty or Bruce Springsteen, then you will love the songs on this album.

(For more information about this album or the songs please click on the “Story Behind The Songs” link.)

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